Geographies of Crime: From Space of Perpetration to Sites of Memory

An interdisciplinary online conference | 29 Nov – 2 Dec 2021

Hosted by the research group REPERCRI at the University of Valencia

Geographies of Crime: From Spaces of Perpetration to Sites of Memory.
3rd International Conference on Perpetrators of Mass Crimes.

An intedisciplinary research group at the University of Valencia (Spain) is investigating “the figure of the perpetrator and the the perpetration of acts of mass violence, particularly in the forms of genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes and terrorism“.

Under the acronym REPERCRI (Representaciones Contemporáneas del Perpetrador de Violencias de Masas: Conceptos, Relatos e Imágenes; Contemporary Representations of Perpetrators of Mass Crimes: Concepts, Narratives, and Images) the members are working on a comparative approach to mass violence, covering i.a. Nazi-Germany, Francoist Spain, Cambodia, and different countries in South America.

Next week, REPERCRI will be hosting their third international conference, entitled “Geografías del crimen. De espacios de perpetración a lugares de memoria: representaciones sociales y culturales” (Geographies of Crime. From Spaces of Prepetration to Sites of Memory: Social and Cultural Representations).

The conference will be held online, you can register here.

Most of the presentations will be in Spanish, but there is also a panel in English on representations of the Buchenwald concentration camp; also, the conference day devotedt to Cambodia will be in English.

Please find the full program here.

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